25 Bookish Facts about Me

Hi everyone, I thought I should start this blog with some random bookish facts about me. This way you will get to know me a bit.

  1. I mostly read on my Kobo Glo e-reader.
  2. But I get really jealous of those beautiful bookshelves packed with physical books.
  3. I mostly read in the evening and sometimes while I am traveling.
  4. In general, I read a book a week, but when I have nothing else to do, I can read a book in a day. Depending on the length of course, for example, a Song of Ice and Fire is too long to read in one day.
  5. My favourite genres are fantasy and historical fiction.
  6. I tried to read the mortal instrument series, but twice I couldn’t get through the first book.
  7. I am quite active on Goodreads.
  8. My reading goal this year is to read 50 books again, last year I completed that goal as well.
  9. On Goodreads I just keep adding books to my TBR, that is how I spend my time.
  10. I actually only read the Harry Potter books last year. I don’t know what happened in my childhood, but I just did not read them at that point.
  11. I would be a Ravenclaw if I would go to Hogwarts. I took the Pottermore quiz for this, so it must be true.
  12. I am terrible at taking notes while reading. So most times I review a book purely based on my memory.
  13. I still learning how to review books, and I find it hard to be critical. I am easily pleased with the story.
  14. I love reading books, but I do not want to write one.
  15. I use the Booktube community as inspiration for my readings, but I do not want to be a Youtuber. I like writing stuff down more than talking about things.
  16. I used to dog-ear the pages to mark where I was. Now with my e-reader, that is not necessary and due to a good friend I won’t do it with physical books.
  17. I have never listened to an audiobook, but I want to try it.
  18. I like to marathon series because I am afraid that I will forget what happened in the previous books.
  19. My favourite book series of my childhood were the Dutch series, the bende van de Korenwolf. It was about children that lived in a hotel and it was really funny.
  20. In the future, I maybe want to work in a publishing company, but certainly I want to do something with books and reading.
  21. I don’t like when other people tell me what I have to read, but at the same time, I pressure myself to read certain books.
  22. I had a major reading slump that continued on for 3 years in high school because my teacher forced me to read Dutch literature.
  23. I am in love with the Percy Jackson series and basically everything Rick Riordan writes.
  24. I think my favourite book is Perks of being a wallflower. However, I find it hard to commit to one favourite book.
  25. I was questioning myself for starting this blog, nevertheless I am very happy that I started it.

2 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts about Me

  1. Hi, I’ve just started my first bookblog too! I only just started listening to audiobooks, but I recommend starting with His Dark Materials Trilogy as they are read by the author and have a full cast. I really enjoyed it and I had only ever read the first book in the series so after that I just wanted to know what happened. I also recommend listening to memoirs especially if the person is talking who wrote the book, my first audiobook was Amy Poehler’s Yes Please and I loved it, I also discovered Parks and Rec around this time so that may have heavily influenced my decision.


    1. Hi, thank you for you recommendations. I was already thinking about reading Yes Please via audio, because I love Amy Poehler and Parks and Rec.

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