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The Kane Chronicles Review

In the Kane Chronicles trilogy written by Rick Riordan, our main characters Carter and Sadie have to save the world after their father releases the Egyptian gods. While they deal with those gods, angry magicians and the troubles of being teenagers, Chaos is rising and trying to destroy the world.

One thing I really liked is the relationship between Carter and Sadie. They have a typical brother-sister relationship. This led to some great dynamics between the two. Also, their characters developed excellently. They both realize that they have to work together. Their relationship is a bit rocky in the beginning, but throughout the story they support and care for each other more and more.

The writing style of Rick Riordan is as normal wonderful. It is a middle-grade series, so the writing is a bit easier and faster. Thereby, the story is told in some sort of recording. The idea is that Carter and Sadie told their story on a record and sent it to Rick Riordan, who then wrote it on paper. This is a unique concept, in my opinion, because I have never read anything in that form. This concept led to some hilarious ‘off the record’ moment. For example, when Carter does something stupid, Sadie can react with ‘I know, super lame, right’. This is not part of the story, but it does show the development of their relationship. It starts off with mostly little insults to each other, and it led to complimenting one another.

From the three books, the second one was my favorite, because it was a bit more action-packed than the others and I got started to understand the world building with the Egyptian mythology.

The first book was for me a bit slower, because that book explained a lot of the world. I was not familiar with the Egyptian mythology, so it did not come as natural as with the world of Greek and Roman mythology (Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series). The last book felt a bit hurried and I think I grew tired of the characters. I could not fully connect with Carter and Sadie, probably because they were some years younger than me.

Overall, I did enjoy the series, but it will not be my favorite. Thereby, the action-packed and the easy writing style got me out of a terrible reading slump. I gave this trilogy 3.5 stars



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