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17134626Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is about Louisa who is desperately looking for a job and she is hired as a carer for a disabled man named Will. Will was an adventurous guy and a top businessman who had it all, but after a motorcycle accident, he is forced to sit in a wheelchair and he cannot move anything but a slight movement in his hand. Lou has to make sure he is comfortable, but with no experience this does not go that well in the beginning.

Even though, I do not read much contemporary and when I do I have a hard time to believe the story. But with this book I absolutely did not have that problem. Right from the beginning, I fell in love with Lou. She is a bit clumsy, but she always put the needs from others before her. She stays optimistic even when the odds are against her.

I had a harder time to relate to Will, because he was distancing himself from Lou and he always seemed to be grumpy. After a while Lou and I learned more about him and he started to open up after Lou speaks out to him. After that their dynamic was perfect. Will stayed sassy and Lou stayed the sweet cinnamon roll, but she voiced her opinion.

Lou grew in this book from a naïve small town girl to a more adventurous woman. In his crappy situation, Will brought out the best in Lou. Her development was beautiful, I saw her change and I was loudly rooting for her, because she had so much potential and Will saw that.

I cannot wait to see the movie, the trailer looked amazing. So, I am excited. Overall, I loved the story and the characters and thus I gave this book 4 stars.



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