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First Audiobook

20910157I finally got around to try an audiobook. It was a fun experience that will certainly happen again. I purchased my audiobook via Mofibo, which is a Dutch site where you can download audiobooks and eBooks for €9,99 each month. Most books are in Dutch, but they have a wide variety in English as well.

My first audiobook was Yes Please by Amy Poehler because I only heard positive things about the audio version of that book. And I have to say, it was extremely funny to listen to. Amy Poehler talked like she was in the room with you. I just loved her voice, because it reminded me of Parks and Recreation which is one of my favourite shows.

She mostly talks about the comedy industry, how she got where she is now, fun stories from the industry and how by working hard you can come very far. This was inspiring because most times you hear stories about someone who accidently was discovered on the street. This book was about hard work, told with many jokes and anecdotes.

I often find it hard to listen to something or someone for a while, but I found playing Bubble Shooter very relaxing. I did not have to think while playing that game and it kept my attention by Amy Poehler.

Because Yes Please was a memoir, I do not know if I will enjoy audiobooks as much when it is fiction. But I am more than willing to find out. Next on my list in Pride and Prejudice, because that is a book I have yet to read and it might be easier to listen to it instead of reading it. But listening to a memoir was great and I gave Yes Please by Amy Poehler 4 stars.



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