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Review The Lunar Chronicles

The Lunar Chronicles are now one of my favourite series. In short, I loved it, every part of it. The series exists out of Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter. They are all retellings of fairy tales, namely Cinderella, Red Riding hood, Rapunzel and Snow White. We all know those fairy tales, but Marissa Meyer gave a science fiction twists to these stories. I do not read sci-fi often, but it convinced me to read this genre more often.

If I have to summarize my thoughts on this series, it would sound like this: Amazing, intense, awesome, funny, exciting, action-packed and the book have a wonderful romance.

Okay, the wonderful romance should not be a surprise because they are retellings. But these books are more than that. The series have extremely strong female protagonists, which is harder to say about the original fairy tells. The protagonists were all very different and diverse. Thereby, they had flaws, which made me love them even more. I started to root for their happy ending, for every single one of them.

At some moments in the story, I did not great for the characters, but they still moved towards their ultimate goal, defeating the evil queen Levana. Those moments also lead to character development and bonding between the characters. The romance and the friendships build in these books are incredible and they have each other’s backs no matter what. Next to those depressing moments where everything goes wrong, there were fluffy, cute or funny moments which made me smile.

Due to the multiple points of view, I got more information and understandings of the events, the characters, and their motivations. In the last book, there were many points of view, which made me sometimes a bit confused because I did not know which PoV I was following.

My favourite book of this series is very hard to choose, but I think I go with Cress. That book had me hooked from the beginning and left me with longing for more. My favourite character is probably Thorne, even though I love them all. Thorne is the sassiest, and funny. I have a weak spot for sassy characters, so he immediately had a special place in my heart.

I gave the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer 5 out of 5 stars, because the whole roate was phenomenal.



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