Why I Love Reading

Reading is my favourite thing to do. Some people absolutely hate it, but I absolutely love it. I cannot do without reading. I live in another world in that moment and that is something I need from time to time.



Through reading, I do things I would never do in real life, for example saving the world three times in a week. These kinds of books make my feel heroic, even though I only read about it. They give me the feeling that I can do everything, they make me feel powerful.

Sometimes I read about a character that is much like myself, introvert, awkward, and not really heroic. Like Cat from Fangirl and Elena from Kindred Spirits both by Rainbow Rowell. She can capture me very well. These characters give me hope that I am normal and that there is hope for my romantic life, that is currently none existing.

It broadens my horizon in a sense that I better understand issues in today’s society and in the past. I like historical fiction and I like history in general. Historical fiction gives my new perspectives on great events and I learn about events that I have never heard about. For example Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys.

Reading is also an escape from real life. Sometimes, I am busy with school and then it is nice to grab a book at the end of the day and just read some wonderful story. Some people watch series and I read. There are moments that I do not feel like reading, but at those moments, I just have to start because I know I will love it.

I know that there are a lot of people who love reading and it is great to see this community of bloggers and booktubers who spread the word about reading and share their passion and thoughts.


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