12 days of Christmas tag

Okay, I have to admit I failed blogmas, but I will write again, starting today. Here is the twelve days of Christmas booktag.

  • A Partridge in a pear tree: Favorite Stand-Alone Book?

I can not choose between my two favorite books The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

  • Two Turtle Doves: Fictional OTP/Favorite Ship?

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, they are just perfect together

  • Three French Hens: Favorite Trilogy?

The Hunger Games, do I need to say more.

  • Four Calling Birds: Favorite Fictional Beast/Creature?

Of course, I could say dragons. However, the monster from A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is even more impressive as the monster has something to say and dragons are just cool.

  • Five Golden Rings: Show 5 Golden Books
  • Six Geese a-Laying: Rotten egg: What’s your least favorite book?

Blood Promise by Richelle Mead. This is the fourth book in the Vampire Academy series which I enjoyed until this book came along. I just did not like it and I did not get into it. This book made me stop with the series which is very unfortunate.

  • Seven Swans a Swimming: Show a Book with Water on the Cover


  • Eight Maids a Milking: What fictional food do you wish you could taste?

ButterBeer from Harry Potter or any other magical candy from the Harry Potter universe.

  • Nine Ladies Dancing: Your favorite dance between two characters?

Chaol and Celaena in Crown of Midnight

  • Ten Lords a Leaping: Favorite Book-To-Movie-Adaptation?

Me before You. I read the book and saw the movie this year. The movie captured the feels of the book.

  • Eleven Pipers Piping: Favorite Book-To-Movie-Adaptation Soundtrack?

I really enjoy the soundtrack of Game of Thrones, especially from the last season.

  • Twelve Drummers Drumming: It’s the end of the song; what’s your favorite book ending?

The ending of the Lunar Chronicles. This whole series was great including the ending.


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