Reading Slumps

As you might know, I am facing a terrible reading slump. I do not seem to get out of it. So, I found some tips on how to beat a reading slump. Maybe if I write them down I will actually follow those tips and defeat this slump.

  • Join a book club, or read along with a book of the month pick. For example, the Booksplosion book club, the Perustopia book club, and in the Netherlands, we have the Bored to Death Book Club.
  • Bring a book with you all the time. I have an e-reader so that is easy to carry. Also, I have an account on Storytel, where you can listen to audiobooks
  • Plan in time for reading. Here is where I struggle because I feel like I do not have time to read. I have so many things to do for school and work.


  • Re-read a favourite book or read a new book from one of your favourite authors. I already did this by re-reading the first two installments of Harry Potter.
  • Read a short book, so that you will experience finishing a book again after some time of not reading at all.
  • Lastly, find inspiration on blogs and YouTube channels. This can have a negative consequence because I want to read all the books. This makes me feel a bit overwhelmed which does not help my reading slump at all.

3 thoughts on “Reading Slumps

  1. They all sound like they might be good, at least for some. #2-4 are especially good. (I think the #4 re-read would be great but I’m so swamped with yet-to-reads that I never make time for a re-read these days. Kind of like what you say regarding #6: it has a kind of negative consequence because thinking about re-reading just makes the TBR pile seem bigger.) I think the thing that works best for me is #5 – reading a short story will at least get some reading done and reading a short book does give you that sense of “Okay, I can do this.”

    Good luck with your slump. Don’t force it too hard, though, because that’ll make it seem like a chore and maybe make it worse. Reading rates will vary and it will pick up again eventually. 🙂

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      1. Wow, that is awhile. Maybe the “re-read a favorite” is called for, to help you fall in love again. Or maybe take the reverse treatment: watch a lot of TV or movies until a book starts to seem really, really attractive. 😉

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