Life Update: Why I was gone

Here goes my new year resolution. I promised I will keep up with this blog. But since April I started my internship. This means I am working full time. Thereby, I still have my weekend job on the site. So, this means I am working most of my time. In my free time, I am too tired to write anything. Hopefully, this tiredness will pass once I am in that working routine.

This said, I really enjoy my internship. I am learning a lot about building a community through online interactions. I have to manage their blog and their social media. For this, I have to do some research about online communities. My planning skills are also tested because I have to plan all the posts and when I write them.

I did read the first book in the Narnia Chronicles and I started the second. I read The Magicians Nephew and I gave it 3.5 stars. I really enjoy the childishness of the books and I like that they are short easy reads. I am currently halfway A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe.  I like that story even more than the first one because I know that story from the movies.

Next to some reading, I have watched season 3 of Reign. It was finally available on Netflix so I binge watched the whole thing. I also started to rewatch Game of Thrones with my family. We are currently in season 3. I love rewatching this show because every time I watch it I see something different and I learn something new.

I hope I will be more active soon on this blog and I will see you soon.


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